As in all facets of life, technology improves to make life better,

more convenient, and more effecient.  This is true in dentistry,

as well.  But, as we know, technology cannot replace or speed up certain procedures without sacrificing the outcome.  Dr. Teluk's proficiency and continued dedication to learning about new materials,  methods and equipment is paramount to staying current with advancing science.  This dedication is what allows for predictable and consistent outcomes.  Dr. Teluk implements new technology as he sees fit, after it has been completed veted and tested exhaustively in the field.  Currently, we implement the following practices and devices: 

  • Digital xrays - to reduce exposure to radiation
  • Laser - for cosmetic tissue shaping, tissue removal, canker sore and cold sore treatment
  • Cone-Beam CT scan 3-dimensional x-rays
  • Intraoral scanner, which replaces impressions, for making crowns.
  • CAD-CAM designed crowns